Friday, July 6, 2012

Of airplanes and nightskies and shooting stars

i always loved watching airplanes
planes taxiing on the runway,
planes taking off and landing
planes forming clouds in the high skies
and planes in the city skies
i can recall countless evenings
walking on my terrace watching planes
and even noticing the airlines
knowing where they went
brought feelings of hope, encouragement and inspiration
planes were symbolic of my freedom and redemption
i would actually see myself travelling to the country where the plane was taking off
and curiously enough some of these visualisations came true
until a point where sadly enough or probably they had already served the purpose
there was a new skyline in my neighborhood which covered the view of the planes flying by
and in a few years after i took off to my new permanent residence in South Bombay
the plane was a mere dash or dot in the sky
twinkling in the night skies as it flew over my new building
to some more new and myraid destinations

Night skies and shooting stars
coming from the land of tacky hindi cinema
showing shooting stars in every corny scene of a movie
it nonetheless evoked some curiosity in me to actually see a shooting star
it was one night at my vacation home in Nasik ,
lying down on the parapit of the new terrace
staring at the immense, expansive quiet skies
that i suddenly spotted a moving object
travelling at its set pace, millions of lightyears away
alas i gazed and gawked at my first shooting star
little did i know that was just a beginning
coz i now i see one every other day
even in the Mumbai skies
it takes just a moment of looking up
and admiring the universe
and voila, it puts up a show
i guess it likes some attention too:)
and yes, Bollywood cinema is in fact not so exaggerated :p
When did you last hear the word Milky Way ?

I was supposed to be on my last trip with my family before my wedding
in the majestic State of Rajasthan
We travelled to the most quaint little towns
full of culture and amazing architecture
one of our last stops was the small town of Kumbhalgarh
an hour and half away from the city of Udaipur
this little town hosts the longest fort , its walls second only to The Great Wall of China
we visited the fort in the evening and stopped back to watch the Light and Sound Show in the night
after what seemed a long wait, we took positions in the amphitheatre
the wall was lit up brilliantly and the watchtower above changed colors
as the story changed its nuances
but lo, what was even more mesmerising was another light show going on
right above and in front in the night skies
we saw streams of long clouds across the skies with a million stars
some shining so bright and tons of shooting stars embarking their journeys
this indeed was the milky way
my mom, brother and i sat dumbstruck at the brilliance
in such a perfect setting
I showed my brother Harsh his first shooting star and by the end of the show
he had shown me another three
i was in awe and gratitude of the skies
Thank you for putting up that special show ;)

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