Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A load full of life

Wohhh... its been a while since ive written... n my blog is like a dead log floating in cyberspace.hmmm...
but hey just to let you know when im not writing im reading, or pondering or just looking out of the window,
travelling and busy experiencing ....doing all that takes to get some more stories to write;)
No but seriously, life has been great, very kind, generous and unbelievable
I have made the biggest and toughest decisions, met some wonderful new people, travelled to some awesome places
and of course chanced upon some really appropriate books at the very appropriate time
Along the way also experiencing my worst fears surfacing
This is the time where i chose my husband, dated him for a year, went on some lovely short trips with him, got married to him,
travelled to Bali for my honeymoon (a story in itself) ,
felt the deepest love and gratitude for my parents and siblings
settling in into my new life and new family,
playing with my lil niece Anicaa, watch her grow,
this was also the time where i finally recognised my spiritual guru Swami Vivekananda (more on that later)
In short life has been full of stuff...i guess that's why this blog has been empty ;)
Its now more than ever that i feel that every episode, chapter or molecular incidence of my life is so inter-connected and
leading the way to the next episode, chapter or molecular incidence..
Besides my husband (Kapil) and I have been exploring some serene places to sit down and meditate in deafeningly loud and chaotic city like Mumbai
and surprisingly there are quite a few.
Well, some places we have been going to are:
Ramkrishna Math at Santacruz ( meditate to the tunes of the Aarti composed by Swami Vivekanada, takes place at sunset time everyday)
Gayatri Mandir at Khar (a total chance discovery when I went to buy my bridal shoes from a neighbouring building... you know what i mean by the inter-connectedness of life...anyway this place is quaint, quiet and pulsating with energy)
Japanese Buddhist temple at Worli (evening chanting on Nam Myoho Renge Kyo accompanied by loud Japanese drums but definitely a very spiritual experience)
Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple at Babulnath (plush, ornate.. we go here evening time when darshan is closed but the Hare Rama devotees sing and chant the Hare Rama Hare Krishna in various tunes and tones ranging from soft and melodius to loud and reveberating.. a definitely heightened spiritual moment)
Jain temple opp Bombay Dyeing Mill Compound at Elphinstone (not so quiet at the moment owing to construction projects in the neighborhood but it is beautifully lit in the evening ... the temple seems very inviting and captivating)
Just a last few is fun and liberating and every day it brings us closer to the truth ... so go with it with love and surrender there is nothing there to fear :)


  1. :) Its great to see my lil sister all grown up. Loads of love—P