Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oh Calcutta...Aami Khabo!

i recently travelled to the gourmet paradise
we first rushed to a shop called mithai
we looted the sweet , delicious rosogollas
as the shopkeeper stared in disbelief at us strangers
we quenched our thirst, n headed for another catch
to Flury for some baba n plum cakes
n stopped at the streets for some kulhad chais
after riding on the old victorian buggies
and shooting coloured balloons
we devoured the tangy putchkas n tasty churmurs
next on our list was the metro and
the ride on the cycle richshaw
we snacked on the bengali chakna
and after a long drive in the yellow bulldozer
munched on the savoury egg roll
the calcutta paan called it a day
we all agreed we were serial eaters on the loose

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