Thursday, January 14, 2010

Baa's Black Sheep

Every night after the sun went down
n we had had our early supper
we would cuddle up around our 'baa'
to get our dose of bed-time stories
'Baa' would tell us stories of all kinds
animal fables, folk tales and
fairy tales with perfect endings
she read these from a weekly column
in a local gujju newspaper
and recount them effortlessly
with varying expressions
her voice would carry every nuance of the tale
we all would listen to them with rapt attention
away we would be on a picturesque journey
until 'baa' sang ...kind of 'like the end of the rin tin tin'
and we sailed away into deep sleep

in a few years i had heard many
some i forgot , some were legendary
but i do remember when 'baa'
narrated yet another beautiful story
as she prompted the end of the fable
she melted away into the sky
my eyes opened moist from deep sleep
and realised this one would be my last!

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