Sunday, January 3, 2010

__Crossing the Line___

Like every average student I cud confidently say

MATHS stood for Mentally Affected Teachers Harrasing Students

The subject was all about the crossing the line – the line between Pass and Fail!

The subject was a natural bore or the teachers made it so

The befitting maloo geniuses always ruled the crucial physics n math classes

While the students rocked their chairs and composed everlasting jokes,

Husband: Ayyo Mary which colour sari ure wearing?

Mary: Ello ..

Husband: ello ello…(disconnects the phone)

Mary to a tall girl in class: U need to imbrove your attitude…

another girl: mam she only improves by altitude

In Geometry I struggled with the ruler n compass

It encompassed my natural fear for the subject

And I welcomed some furious comments by loony teachers like

‘Even a blind person will tell u this is not a quadrilateral…’

Yes it was not quadrilateral it was a triangle.. but I had tried!

Another time..This is not an arc, u fibber! And she scribbled a remark in my notebook

No one before had knighted me as a ‘bluffmaster’..

At home my folks raised their eyebrows in doubt

In the end I did cross the line, With a flying seventy-two,

thanks to a certain looney teacher, who thought I was a fool but not a dumb ass

I said thank you for the consolation and passed!

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