Saturday, June 8, 2013

Monsoon baby

A tropical monsoon has much to explore
it is a season when the earth teems with life
these magical signs begin before and continue even after the rains
its a time for greeting and celebration 

Being fortunate to stay in a city like Mumbai 
which is or rather used to be bio-diverse mangrove islands by the sea
not far away from the Sahyadri ranges or the Western Ghats 
become emerald green with dense foliage in the monsoons

the mountains seem alive with waterfalls , streams 
giving birth to a plethora of life-forms 
besides providing scenic landscapes 
and opportunities for escapades

the pre -monsoon showers are marked by the signalling of fireflies
flickering in the trees and bushes over the streams in the moonlight
the monsoons are marked by many activities and adventures like trekking 
and waterfall rappeling 
the end of monsoons are marked by blossoming wild flowers in the laterite mountains and plateaus of the Western ghats
The dragonflies hum and buzz over the flowers and the fresh green trees 
celebrating the new earth - rejuvenated and revived

This monsoon i look forward to new life from my very own womb,
sharing something in common with the mountains and glades of the neighbouring Sahyadris. 

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