Friday, August 26, 2011

When you're awake....

O life is like a dream
when you' re awake
it's not easy to see
but you will know
that someday you will go
in that direction
there couldn't be
a more perfect timing
for your self- realisation
when you reach this point of life
you will realise
that every moment of it was created
to take you there
everything good, everything bad
all the people you met
were god-sent
to help unravel this mystery
and one day you will see
that it is when you're 'Awake',
life is like a Dream.....


  1. "there couldn't be
    a more perfect timing "

    I like this, whenever we are ready to see, it is the perfect time for us, no striving.

    Love the wisdom you share here.

    Thanks for these words this morning, just what I needed to hear.

  2. Thank Miruh:) very inspired by a book i read this weekend.. im sure u have heard of it.. its called the Celestine prophecy.. found it very insightful:)