Monday, August 29, 2011

Energy contributed by Kapil Bhatia

In the course of your life, there are certain events that we witness or experience that gets a person to think. These may be random occurrences, can be passed off as just being at the right place at the right time. At times they are too personal to you to let moment go, these are the moments that get you thinking on a cosmic level, from a new perspective.
The gravitational force of a burning mass of gas holds the universe together. Astrology attempts to explain the inter linkage of humans and the universe we inhabit. What fascinates me the most is the existence of this invisible force, an energy that connects you with the universe.

A strange incident early this morning got me thinking down these lines again and now that I am down to writing about it, let me narrate the whole story.

I went to the comedy store last night with my regular gang of alcoholics; our plan was simple, drink alcohol and laugh. That is exactly what we did, got home (drunk) and passed out. At 5:15 a.m. I got up to drink water (Not common practise for me, when I am drunk and passed out). As I was crossing the Mandir at home, I saw papaji bend over trying to plug a new electric dia. Hunched over, with a bad back, he was struggling to straighten himself. He felt dizzy and lost balance. He was about to fall when my hand broke his fall and stabilised him.

Back in control of his body, papaji sat on his chair in front of god, joined his hand and bowed his head. He then asked me plug the dia in. I did just that, drank water and went back to my room. Needless to say, I didn’t get sleep after that. I kept thinking, was it coincidence that I was there at the right place at the right time. What was it that drove me to the kitchen? At the precise time that I needed to be there.
Around 10 a.m. Papaji asked me the same question. What was it that got you there, when I was just about to fall? I did not call you. Woh kya shakti thi jot tere ko mere kol leayee?
Papaji, mein bhi yehi soch raha tha.

Papji, being a religious man he is said – yeh bhagwan ki shakti hai
Me being a spiritual man thought we are connected, it was the energy that binds us that woke me up.

I have come to believe in this invisible force, this energy that connects you to nature. We are all connected with one another. It depends on the level of energy you show towards another person that makes it telepathic. It is no coincidence that these strange incident occur with-in family, very close friends or loved ones. When there is unconditional love and genuine care then the positive energy that you radiate towards the other person has actual healing powers. It can cure depression and eradicate diseases.

It is compounded to a truly magical level when you have a group of people that emit the same frequency of energy towards each other. Like a family, old group of friends, some couples I know.

That is when the magic truly begins. Look back upon your life, has a person or animal unexpectedly shown up for when you needed it the most. The people that come to your mind are those that are your positive influencers. These people are either those that you emit positive feeling towards or those that emit positive feelings towards you, sometimes the energy level is mutual (that is wonderful).

I strongly believe that it is our genuine love and care for each other that took me to Papaji exactly when he needed me. Being connected through this telepathy is a real and simple, not some out of body experience.

We all have these energy emitters in our lives; we need to be thankful for it. It is a single moment of grace that increases the frequency of this energy. It is a simple thing we all need to do in our mind, thank them and move on with our busy lives but be assured the positive energy will vibrate around you and your loved ones and the connection is always in coverage area.

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