Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Just Scribbles


I know you can’t hurt no u cant hurt me…cause it wont hurt…it just wont hurt..

Coz im bulletproof.. im bullet proof..u bet !im bulletproof…yeah yeah yeah


I swim from the deep to shallow, switch from word files to excel sheets. I wouldn’t call it self –discovery. It is out of a quest for harmony and seeking balance. To jerk off from extremities.

I like to bear the brunt of my own confusions. Suffer alone in a dark nook. Pause for a moment in the shade before facing the blinding light of what may lie ahead. Some may call this being too cautious, timid, and meek but what the hell. Do they even know the feeling of being in a quite cool place with a fabulous view of outside absurdity?


He haunts me. he haunts my thoughts , my sleep. He mocks at my very existence. Smirks at me . defies me from a million miles away . a ghost from the past. Who pretends to be the sun- god. What is this relationship I have , I don’t quite understand.

But there is hope inspite of this dread. i know the angel will combat the ghost.


I’ve never celebrated Valentine but today is my 24th Valentine.. I have never felt lonier. I can only hum the song ‘back for good!’ . i think I have learnt the lesson. Never shun love or love shuns you…


Is love a delusion or an illusion I know not… is it a sweet n sour lozenge or a spicy cinnamon or an ugly aftertaste…

Is it for profit or loss or ur emotions gone for waste


Voices speak to me. Tiny voices, loud voices- loud as thunder, voices such as a soft whisper..they just seem to have ears and tongues of their own…voices from the crevices of my mind..and their own language..I don’t always listen to them..I alienate them just as they alienate me..


Zero an egg shaped number, a number that found late acceptance – a number with an almost metaphysical tone to it unlike any other mathematical cannot deny its absence yet one cannot prove its presence..pretty much like the circle that’s stands of infinity and regarded in oriental cultures as a circle of life.. the egg shaped Planet earth was so discovered much later by man unlike others who thought it was flat Many thinkers similarly tried to define God and termed God as the giver, creator, preserver, destroyer, formless, omni present, the substance, the mind, the universe, nature, water, air etc.. But when one closely goes back to the history of the Zero one sees a stark similarity between God and the Zero. Just like the zero, God does not exist physically. God is formless yet ubiquitous, god is the inner voice and a spiritual ,umbilical cord in human nature. Like negative and positive integers and decimals –god has also created objects, emotions that are positive and negative. Life is almost measurable like a scale where God is the pivot , the fulcrum.


Ich bin nie so weit..ich bin nie so weit mit meiner Gedanken, meinem Glueck, meiner Traurigkeit, meiner Langweile oder Genuss..ich bin nie so weit mit mir.

Du bist nie so weit so lange du nicht zu zweit bist


O my life has been an open book an open book to see.. I sit down an tryyyy to fathom myself in words, myself in a,b,c

I am the Merchant of Mumbai. I trade in ideas .. my ideas sail in the sea of my mind.. I have lost some my ships in the stormy seas…and got lost in the whirlpools of time.. but I am still a merchant no less to reckon with

‘Vai via, Vai via’,
Dice il mio cuore
Via in un paese che amo
Dopo il primo passo nella questa terra,
mia vita e cambiato

The four butted monster on a deadly mission
Two butts out ..make a tough decision
The other two make my life hell
Slicing my gums, my throaat swells
Should i bid adieu?
To the four butted monster, called wisdom tooth

He came from a land afar
Of coal mines and black soil
Of thugs and loads of greenbacks
He came with dreams of the city of lights
He made friends around
Livin la vida loca
He bloomed and blossomed
He calls me his little flower

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