Thursday, December 31, 2009

Home away from Home?

It was no more my debut, thank god!

This was an eerie one

The cold winter had wonderfully done its job

Frozen the whole town with a sheet of ice

The first remark was this town is ‘tot’

This was much pronounced on a Sunday noon

The nearby church spelled a ghastly tune

The Rhine flowed along the corner of this town

The waters were still, the people calm

A tiny rivulet was the Queisch,

That added more spice to this town’s life

But this was of course not the end

After two weeks of utter silence

The snow melted,The flowers blossomed,

People mushroomed on the streets in cafes and gelateries

The town was now growing onto us

And we were close to being ‘daheim’

Now a Sunday noon seemed better with elvis playing at the hostel

The church bells switched to the chimes, one could tell

The sunnier days were met with tastier buds

As indians and arabs alike cooked food and sung hindi songs alike

this was a learning of a different sort,

to live in a town with a few folks as well

an experience to translate and retell

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