Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A wish is also a command!

I never demanded too much from life
may be that is why life didn't give it to me..
or it took its own sweet time to do so...
or it gave me lil' sparings from time to time
to keep me happy and entertained

i didn't ask my parents for love, material gifts, comforts or luxuries.
i didn't express desires, inhibitions, fears nor feelings
i carried along thinking this was my journey and I could travel along on my own

i revelled in myself- questioning and pondering until life gradually started giving me answers
Answers that convinced me of magnificient powers..powers that still remain a real but distant truth

at this point, i do realise that one has the right to demand
in order that life gives back manifold
i see a shift in myself and like never before
i feel like crying out loud like a stubborn child thromping his feet on the ground
hell bent on manifesting his desires
cause it is only the stubborn, persistent and demanding that get all ears from the universe


  1. :-) and the universe is all ears!

  2. "Ask and thou shalt receive!" Very cool post. Really liked this one. :-)