Saturday, October 16, 2010

The wild flowers of Kaas Patar

the past few stories have been godly
but here's something truly divine
for nature is the master-stroke of creation
yes we too are nature, even though seemingly distant
we endeavour to reach the source both in body and spirit
building spacecrafts and airplanes touching galaxies and skies
playing demi- gods

it was in January 2010 on my to Sunderbans- the world's largest delta
a place of sublime beauty and simplicity
when i was told about another destination beckoning to be explored
the Kaas Patar- a laterite plateau which is a temporary abode to some stunning varieties of wild flowers
the flowers form carpets of pink, violet, white and yellow
(resembling the moors of Europe though reflecting many myraid colors)
only shortly after the rains for a couple or weeks or months at the maximum

the quaint Kaas Lake on the plateau is a delight
with a plethora of endangered and rare flowers
surrounded by floral carpets of purple and white

what makes Kaas an even more enchanting place to visit
is that the plateau is nestled among the Sahyadri Ghaats, meandering rivers below,
and the monsoon skies spraying some mystical hues
the folds of the mountains revealing the craft of the Master Potter
moulding the earth and splashing colors, whimsically

well, if you come to Kaas Patar,
you are bewildered by nature's imagination
and aesthetic sense
vast, vibrant and free

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