Thursday, September 2, 2010

The naughty Makhanchor!

this day brings back many memories ,
how i dressed as krishna and my sister as radha as kids.
how i ate curd like The makhan chor..
how mom n baa told us umpteenth number of krishna stories ..
how i danced the popatyoo (a rasgarba step),
how my fifth grade friend sang 'lala ne makhan bhave re' (Baby Krishna loves butter)
and how mesmerized I was when my cousin performed the Bharat natyam Abhinaya on 'Krishna ni begane baro'..

i have always felt part of krishna.. merging with him.. there was no abyss between me and him.. he was attainable, ever-present and responsive.. emitting his energy and left me when i stopped recognizing him, connecting with him.. as my mind took over.. it was only recently he came back to me.. handing a Bhagvad geeta in my hand.. n i felt the immediate familiarity and rendezvous with the divine Lord Sri Krishna- a God of immense love, emotional release bringing tears to the eyes and smile to the face.. the friend , guide , philosopher residing in us , an overwhelming force, the fighting spirit to preserve n outlive, the very game of chess, manipulating the universe, the Santa and the genie saying your 'wish is my command' n conspiring to bring it to us..

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  1. True... I stepped out for a bit yesterday...matki chaos on the streets... I love the Lord, he spreads his mischief through our city! :)