Monday, August 9, 2010

A cosmic dance

it was rather ironic that i had to travel a few hundred miles
cross the shores of my country, in order to discover my own eternal friend, my breath
the roots of this journey had been laid at home
but i had to make this journey in order to seek my guru, my breath
the voiced that echoed this eternal truth was also from my homeland
we co-incided in the arabian land on a purposeful day
and discovered that we had met before
the voice speaking the divine reality was my father of a previous life
who took me through many cosmic journeys within this journey abroad
to understand my divinity , to reflect my self, unravelling the secrets of the universe
the secret was nothing, but the present moment, the here and now
and you are no one but a God , who has travelled through many lifetimes to master physical reality
thus forgetting yourself, creating a physical god who is in reality a powerhouse of energy
a powerhouse waiting to give its infinite energy to the billion magnets below
the magnets only had to align themselves close to iron bar
the billion magnets are us, the path is being with your natural friend- your breath
and fly with it, it will give you wings to fly, your soul will fly in this sky
to experience oneness with the self and the universe

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