Sunday, June 13, 2010

Little Recollections

i remember as a child
spending most of Sundays with my family
papa would take us to Juhu beach
where i would then take a camel or a horse ride
or we would eat out at night followed by paan
and a tangy masala soda called rimzim
the paan-wala was renowned in our part of the city
there would be a long queue of bachelors, or
middle aged men posing to be young at heart
my papa would order our 'mitha'
and wait patiently with his hands on the hips
the paan wala would make every paan with elan
and chat with some of his old customers
my papa was one of them
he would look around the lil shop
the paan wala had also displayed some perfumes
and my papa a lover of fragrances
would pick up 'Bruts' and 'Charlies'

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