Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sister Act

What do you know about sisters?
Sisters fight ,sisters go green with envy
they cannot bear each other's mirror image
nor accept the other's striking contrasts.
sisters care n sisters share
they protect and defend each other's interests
yet if threatened they snarl n lash back
but when left alone together they can really rock!
a single holiday brings them to unite
forgetting age old respites in a jiffy!


in early Spring i flew over the Trans-Alantic sky from Germany
to the Big Apple, where my sister worked
the first night we tripped on the Colombian drink Aquardiente
we laughed our heads out while we learnt to move our hips to Spanish music
we would take the B52 to the Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass (DUMBO)
n gorge on a Grimaldi pizza or the Hot Chocolate at Jacques Torres
we would sit up in the night watching movies from Netflix,
she would snooze amidst the film,tired from work
she would leave a 10 dollar bill every morning while i'd be asleep
I would set out to walk in the city, read books in parks
or catch a film festival, or buy groceries.
at evening we would meet at 27th Street
and head to The Village to a German or a Sake Bar
or indulge in Korean cuisine at Seoul Garden-
which resembled a Chinese communist canteen-
sometimes we would sit up at Union Square park
n sip on the Apple Cider from the Farmer's Market
or window shop at the gorgeous Chelsea Market,
we would try out Ethiopian and Venezuelan food

or just settle down for our own Indian Kati rolls,
one night we had an Indian dawat for our colombian friends
with Shahi Biryani over a screening of Seventh Seal.
one time we reminisced the classical Hindustani song
we made some spicy masala tea and
listened to 'Madhuban mein Radhika naach re'
and i gave her the traditional hair champi and
Carlos had walked in and said 'I can smell herbs.'
one weekend we went to a museum called Dia Beacon,
the train traversed little fishing villages along the mighty Hudson River
tempted to have fish fingers, we returned to NY and cooked onion n aloo pakoras
n sipped Rooafsa
we also made short trips to Boston and Philly.
On our last weekend we went to Paul's place at Hoboken
and cooked lobster with cilantro rice

i left NY on her birthday, I picked up her favourite umbrella from MOMA
and while she loved my gift she snapped 'did you have to go today you nut'
tears rolled down her eyes , I gave her a big, little sister hug, and said I will see you soon...


  1. Would love to this act again....LOve It!!!!!!!

  2. :) its the same you know, instead of catching a flight, the distance is much less and its about making a plan and driving sisterwards.